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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA), is a company’s customer relationship management system and it automatically records all the stages of a sales process and it plays very important role in sales process
SFA comprises a contact management system that automatically records all contacts that have been registered with a given client.
In company if this SFA system is not integrated properly to all the departments of a company then there might be a communication problem arises. SFA must be completely integrated with all the departments, that department deals with consumer service management.
This system is very useful in company’s business and it plays a vital role in company growth.

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Learning Management System

What is Learning Management System?

Learning Management System (LMS) handles reports and tracks a communication between the learner and the system content & between instructor and learner.
This system perform different operations like learner registration, tracks the learner improvement, record test results, indicates the course completions and finally it allows trainers to review the performance of their learners.
This system allots, tracks all forms of instructor led, Resource center and learning through web base. This learning management system provides a truly blended approach by comprising instructor led and other learning activities. This system allows easy allocation of training sources and reduces the time and cost of learning resource management.
In management reports this system offers usage and price information for managers to correctly assess return on investment of training activities. And it enables complete tracking of learning sources and presentation using a variety of standard management reports.
This LMS system provides online collaborative tools and forums, chat rooms and email services.